keskiviikko 23. maaliskuuta 2016

Wolf census

New census is out. According to it, after all human caused mortality (75 individuals) the wolf population of Finland is 200-235 wolves. This means that before hunting and all other human caused mortality, wolf population was at least 275-310 strong.

Number of packs is approx. 37-39 and 16 pairs. Out of these, 26-27 packs and 14 pairs live wholly inside Finland's borders. Half of the individuals that are part of these 10 bordering packs and pairs are counted in Finland's population. If the bordering packs and pairs would be counted completely in Finland's population, it would stand 230-270 strong.

According to preliminary results of the test hunt, 24 over 2-year old (adults) and 19 under 2 yr old wolves were taken. More precise information of the ages will be attained after Matson Institute in Montana has done their age estimates from teeth.

 The map of packs and pairs. Numbers inside the green and gray circles are amount of individuals in the pack
Hunted and otherwise removed or dead wolves.
Red dot signifies the management hunt and if there is a black dot inside of the red one, the individual was an alpha.
Green is wolves removed with exempt permit due amount of damage and threat individual has caused. Black dot means the individual was an alpha
Blue is wolves removed by the orders of the police and black dot means the individual was an alpha.
Green square indicates individuals killed by vehicle collisions
Blue squares are wolves that have died of other causes.
The single red triangle indicates an incident, where hunter had to kill a wolf trying to attack him.

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